Mosquito repellent 'Greenfirst'

Mosquito repellent 'Greenfirst'

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This substance made of herbal agents protects successfully against mosquitos when impregnated. Just spray the solution in a regular distance onto the surface to be treated (textile or hard surface). For one square meter use approx. 25 strokes. Don't spray directly onto the skin. Let it dry for 2 hours at room temperature in the shadow. For the best effectiveness repeat the application every two month. Enough for approx. 30m².

Mosquito repellent 'Greenfirst' - Spray, 150 ml Item Nr.: 750410


content: water, tenside, combination from natural etheric oils.

0,065 % Geraniol (CAS-Nr. 106-24-1)

biocide 19, registration number N-67569





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