baladéo 'Foco' Monokular PLR601

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Monocular 8 X 21 (enlargement factor x 8, lens diameter 21 mm). Ruby coated lens. Rubber coated steel structure. Roll down rubber eyecaps. Supplied with nylon pouch and cord.

The enlargment factor (8x21): it corresponds to the size of an object seen with  the naked eye and the size of an onject looked at with binoculars, et shows the size degree with the object looked at.
For instance, an object looked at with binoculars with an enlargeemnt factor of 10 will look 10 times bigger than with the naked eye. This means that with binoculars ab object standing 100m far will seem to be at 10m
The diameter of  the objective: it is in milimeters. As a general rule, the bigger is the objective , the more there is light and as a consequence, the more luminous is the picture. Disdantage of a big objective is the binoculars are heavier and biger. the field of sight: Et sis in meter to 1000 meter. For instance, a field of 87 m to 1000 m. This corresponds to the actual field that you can look at ain binoculars and shows the large in meter of the panoramic view that you can watch at a distance from  1000 m . Note that the weakest the enlarmne tis, the larger is the field of sight,, and the contrary goes, the stronger is the enlargmeent, the more narrow the field is
With this monocular, you can get closer 8 times to the subject you are lookint at. The diameter of the objective is 21 mm. At a distance from 1000m, the sight you are looking at measure 128m

9,1 x 3,7 x 3,7 cm, 68 g
magnification 8 x

field of view: 128 m to 1000m



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