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Butsir Infrared Gas Heater Home 3.5 kg (small bottle) Garnet EBBC0028

Product no.: 006624

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The Hogar Butsir stove is designed to work perfectly with gas canisters of less than 3 kg.

Ideal for home, countryside, camping, and rural accommodation.

Very easy to transport.

Compact stove. Multidirectional wheels.

Piezoelectric ignition. Two power levels.

Atmosphere analyzer.

Regulator not included.

Bottle not included.

Compact stove with a glossy garnet finish, which stands out for its portability and ease of use. Thanks to its small size and multidirectional wheels, it can be moved wherever it is needed, even for heating outdoors! (although it is not designed to be left outdoors).

It has a double safety system (safety valve and atmosphere analyzer), piezoelectric ignition, and two power levels.

To use it, it must be connected with the blue or orange regulator kit and the corresponding bottle. Gas regulator, tube, and gas canister (red or blue) not included.


BUTSIR: Experts in LPG liquefied petroleum gas

Since its origins, Butsir has focused on the marketing of products related to gas consumption: stoves, kitchens, barbecues, burners, lamps, welding, etc. The introduction of valve and perforation cartridges expanded the range of products of the brand, consolidating it as one of the leading companies in the sector.


Measures: 34 x 37 x 53 cm.

Weight: 6 kg.

Color: garnet

Wheels included to facilitate transport inside the home.

Automatic ignition with piezoelectric.

Retractable base for better support of the bottle and space-saving.

Regulator, tube, and canister not included.

Safety systems:

Oxygen level sensor (OSD)

Flame-out protection.

Protection against lateral fall.

Manual power selection control (2 gears): 1.5 or 3Kw.

Safety system: Atmosphere analyzer and pilot flame sensor.


1 Burner: 98 g/h = 1.5 Kw.

2 Burner: 200 g/h = 3.0 KW.

Stove suitable for gas canisters of less than 3 kg. It does not accept 12 kg butane bottles, propane, or Cepsa bottles.