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FireDragon Fuel Pouches in 200ml CN348A

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Made from 100 % Natural Ingredients, this unique product benefits from the following features


FireDragon, the all-weather gel, biofuel and lighter. FireDragon, manufactured with ethanol of British origin, can be used in outdoor cooking stoves of various fuels and barbecues, as well as in internal ethanol fireplaces.

We have formulated and developed the FireDragon gel to help people venturing outdoors to cook their rations and boil their beers quickly, protect their health and protect the environment.

The packaging for the Eco Fir, Safer Solid & Gel Firelighter range has been greatly improved in a new BCB design. "Pouch The new packaging will include recyclable and easy-to-open bags for the FireDragon Ethanol Gel, which can be conveniently displayed either stacked or hanging for retail sale.

FIREDRAGON - GREEN AND CLEAN Available in 200 ml or 630 ml bags

Excellent as FUEL, also excellent as FIRST LINE for use both indoors and outdoors or to start your charcoal barbecue with a clean combustion fuel that will not harm your food

Currently supplied to the UK military to use as cooking fuel for soldiers in exercise.

Waterproof, lightweight, easy to light, respectful with the environment.

A non-toxic and odorless burn when burned with low light.

Easy and quick to light: just a spark, it's that easy: use the flint, the match or the lighter.

Very little soot is released, so it does not soil the pot or can.

Easy to store and handle

Safe to be packed with food - completely non-toxic

High calorific value 28,000 kJ / kg

Suitable for all weather conditions

It will ignite and burn even when wet, (in fact, it floats on water and you can still light it)

Compatible with most existing cooking systems, the best results with the folding or crossed kitchen of BCB

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