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Thermos bottle "Jannu" Dolphin 0.35L + Neoprene Case Katuki Saguyaki YTJ3FDA

Product no.: YTJ3FDA

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Insulates hot beverages up to 8 hours.   


Jannu thermos with automatic stopper and Katuki Saguyaki decoration by Laken that allows one-handed drinking, made of stainless steel in 18/8 quality and double-walled with high vacuum that provides high technical performance, keeping your drinks warm up to 8 hours cold until 24 hours (always according to the ambient temperature).
For the little ones in the house.
It incorporates the Jannu system of automatic closing and that can be manipulated with only one hand, exerting a simple pressure in the upper part to achieve its instantaneous opening.
Hygienic and wide mouth nozzle, which facilitates filling and cleaning.
The closure is totally hermetic, it does not retain or transmit the flavors.
The wide mouth 54 mm allows the convenient introduction of ice cubes and their cleaning.
Available without a case and with a case.
Cleaning and maintenance:
Not suitable for the dishwasher. Before first use and in daily cleaning, wash by hand with soap diluted in warm water
Wash the neoprene with cold water and neutral soap
Save uncovered and empty
Not suitable for microwave
Do not freeze
Available in decorations: Unicorning, Piratikis, Dolphin, Tutti Frutti, Bugs & Flowers, Baby Flamenca and Dinos.
Fitting and dismantling Jannu Laken plug
Be careful when pouring or drinking extremely hot liquids.
Do not use with drinks with temperatures above 50º C.
• Capacity: 0.35 liters.
• Color: Blue with Dolphin decoration.
• Measures: 77 Ø x 177 mm.
• Weight: 298 g.
• Includes neoprene sleeve. (Bugs and Flowers)
• Material stainless steel. 100% stainless interior.
• Extra wide mouth (54mm) for easier filling and pouring.
• Its exterior does not sweat due to condensation of moisture.
• The interior temperature is not transmitted to the outside.
• Automatic opening. It opens and closes with one hand.
• Vertical use, it is not necessary to tilt the bottle to drink.
• Hygienic bottle, always clean.
• Suitable for alcoholic and citric beverages
• Does not retain or transmit odors.
• Free of bisphenol, flalates, lead and other harmful substances
• Compatible with the Classic Thermo cap.
• Stainless steel external thread.
• Reusable and recyclable
• Airtight seal
• +3 years