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WATERJEL Water Gel Dressing for minor to severe burns 10 x 10 cm

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WaterJel water gel impregnated dressing for the urgent treatment of burns. Quick and easy to apply. Its efficacy has been endorsed by emergency professionals worldwide. It relieves pain quickly and effectively, helps prevent infection and stabilises skin temperature to prevent further damage.

WaterJel is a world leader in the pre-hospital treatment of burns. Indispensable in first aid kits in industry, home and leisure. WaterJel is used worldwide in Hospitals, ambulances, rescue and lifesaving teams; by Emergency and Urgent Care professionals, Security Forces and Fire Brigades.

Key features:

Ready-to-use presentation ensures quick and easy application.
Crystal gel allows an initial assessment of the burn without removing it.
Easily adapts to different anatomical zones
Provides immediate and prolonged pain relief
Naturally inhibits the growth of bacterial strains
Does not adhere to the lesion bed, easily and painlessly removed
Skin-friendly, dermatologically tested
Transparent, does not mask the wound, non-greasy
Does not induce hypothermia
Suitable for all types of burns, whatever their aetiology, extent and depth
Water-soluble and biodegradable
How to use:

Apply as soon as possible after the burn accident (in chemical burns it is necessary to neutralise the chemical agent prior to the application of WaterJel, using specific neutralisers and/or irrigating the area with water (use warm water and irrigate for 15 minutes).
Select the appropriate size of WaterJel to cover only the affected area (cool the burn, not the patient).
In case there is more hydrogel left in the container pour over the dressing.
Seek medical attention
Typical areas of application of the 10 x 10 cm dressing (recommended depending on the size of the dressing, but can be used on other areas as long as the burn is covered)

Small burns
Body surface area covered:

1% in adults
2% in children