Black Friday 2021

Black Friday 2021


Black Friday 2021 is near, and we are preparing for you incredible offers.
It will be on Friday, November 26, although in we will have offers before to have a whole week of attractive opportunities that will vary every day.
We will start on Monday 22 until we end on November 26.

What is black friday?

It is known as "Black Friday" (in English Black Friday) this event comes to us from the United States, where the day after Thanksgiving Christmas shopping begins with significant sales at many retail stores and department stores.

Why is it called black friday?

In the 60s the traffic in Philadelphia the day after Thanksgiving was very dense. The streets were crowded with people and cars moving from one place to another. It was at that moment when the traffic police began to coin the term of Black Friday to define the situation. Little by little it spread to the other states that also suffered heavy traffic that day.
With the passage of time the term began to adapt to the situation of the shops. The dreaded September cost makes shops suffer a few months of red numbers in the absence of buyers. Friday after Thanksgiving is considered the first day of Christmas shopping so that the accounts of many stores go from red to black numbers thanks to the expense that occurs in a single day. So the denomination of Black Friday happened to encompass much more than the traffic.
Many businesses take the opportunity to put succulent offers to claim the attention of buyers and by tradition many give their employees free day, which ends up contributing to the increase in the number of purchases, as there are more potential buyers.
In 1975, The New York Times already spoke of a black day referring to the tumult that takes place in the streets of New York on the day after Thanksgiving.

When will we start Black Friday?

It will be on Friday, November 26, 2020, we will have them from 9.00 in the morning.
The days will be:
Monday, November 22: 
Tuesday, November 23: 
Wednesday, November 24: 
Thursday, November 25: 
Friday, November 26: