Fairey Industrial Ceramics

Fairey Industrial Ceramics

Fairey Industrial Ceramics

Doulton ® Drinking Water Based on over 185 years of ceramic filtration technology 

The very best raw materials 

Made from the finest naturally earths, the Doulton ® micro porous ceramic shell design Allows water to pass from the outside to the inside, leaving the dirt particles on the surface of the ceramic

 Ensure 100% natural materials nothing is added to the water

The essential minerals are beneficial to health Which are Retained 

Bio-Tect ™ 

Enhanced anti-bacterial properties

Doulton ® ceramic filter candles have an anti-bacterial ceramic matrix integrated into the mix, making the candle self-sterilizing and inhibiting bacterial growth on the filter 

Sure-Seal ™ 


Unique to Doulton ® filter elements, a sealing mechanism microbiological That Gives unrivaled protection 

Doulton ® World Leading Quality 

All stages of the Doulton ® filter drinking water production process adhere to the stringent BS EN ISO 9001 quality standards. 

The company holds the coveted NSF ® and WRAS certificates, demonstrating That our drinking water filters have passed the highest testing standards. 

Doulton ® Care 

Millions of ceramic filter candles are produced Annually. 

Each and every candle has been Carefully assembled, finished, inspected and packed by hand Individually.