Everyday can be an Adventure
At Primus we have an ambition to provide outdoor lovers, like ourselves, with the freedom to explore. It’s an aspiration that gives us a very simplistic view on life - that every day is a potential adventure, that the spirit of adventure can make a humdrum day into a great day. 
More than scaling Everest or trekking through Mongolia, to us, it means adventure is a humble walk in the woods, a picnic at the beach, a single spark of imagination. It’s for this reason that we’ve spent the past 125 years dedicated to engineering and perfecting outdoor cooking equipment for adventures of any size. Because, big or small, we believe adventures start from a good meal. Because food fuels our bodies and eating inspires our imaginations. Our latest campfire range is dedicated to these beliefs. Because every day deserves adventure, because every day can be a great day, because when you’ve fed well today can be whatever you want it to be

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Primus Longspoon
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Primus stainless steel pot 'Campfire' - 5 Liter
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Primus lantern 'Mimer' - with piezo
Old price 54.95 €
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Primus 'Power Gas' self-sealing cartridge - 450 g
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Primus stove 'Gravity III'
Old price 99.40 €
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1 - 50 of 106 results