Primus Pot Series 'Trek Pot' - 1,0 L

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Primus Pot Series 'Trek Pot' - 1,0 L

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The trek pot series of hardened aluminum has a slightly thicker bottom. The temperature is distributed evenly throughout the pot without burning. The spiral pattern in the bottom of the pot favors the heat transfer. The handle can be fixed in two positions. It provides a secure hold while cooking and serving. For transport, it can be easily removed and saves space all parts of the pot together. The lid is made of PP plastic and can be used with its silicone handle as a sieve.

Primus Pot Series 'Trek Pot' - 1,0 LItem Nr.: 741410

Aluminium, hard anodized

Pack Ø 11,7 H 14,5 cm

Weight 270 g

equipped with two handles

nonstick ceramic coated


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1 - 1 of 117 results