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Survival kit containing a Paracord 550 bracelet, a compass, a whistle and a ferrocerium, a Flame Cord pendant and a Kevlar wood saw. Lightweight and handy, it contains a number of tools useful in the art of survival, together they form a set that allows you to comfortably carry all the most essential components of your survival kit, saving space and weight.

The Survival Kit is an easy way to tackle the toughest challenges.
In 5 minutes you will be sawing branches, preparing firewood and making a fire.
The set consists of a cord with wick, a bracelet with flint and a kevlar saw.
The bracelet is made of Paracord 550. After unravelling it, we get up to 3 metres of rope, which we can use for building a shelter, tools or packing equipment. The plastic buckle is additionally equipped with a compass, a whistle and a ferrocerium lighter.

The "Lizzard" is made of flame rope. The texture of its braiding is softer, which makes it easier to unravel the pendant, and inside there is an innovative core. It is waterproof and can be easily ignited with sparks from a lighter.

The saw is made of a very strong kevlar rope, 5 m long, with metal ring endings that serve as handles at each end. Thanks to its high strength - up to 120 kg - the saw can cut wood and similar materials. The cable can also be used as construction material, for sewing or repairing clothing and equipment, and for first aid.

Wristband features:

Made of durable and lightweight Paracord 550.

When unravelled, provides 3 metres of convenient cord.

Water, moisture and UV resistant.

Non-combustible, melts in fire.

Convenient plastic buckle.

Compass and whistle included.

Built-in ferrocerium lighter for efficient fire lighting.

Available in three sizes: S, M and L.

Available in colour: Black and Coyote.

Pendant features:

Practical pendant for knives or keys.

Soft nylon braiding makes it easy to untangle.

Waterproof cord core acts as a lighter.

Allows fire to be lit with sparks.

Kevlar saw features

Lightweight, made of Kevlar

8 fibre weave, no core.

Resistance of 120 kg.

UV resistant, waterproof.


Finished with two metal rings that serve as handles.

Lightweight X-shaped wooden reel.

Technical data:

Lizzard pendant:

Length of pendant with loop 17 cm

Length of cord: 150 cm

Material: Nylon

Weight: 6 g

Colour: Coyote brown


Length: S: 19,5 cm. M: 21 cm. L: 22,5 cm

Width: 2 cm

Length after unravelling: 3 metres

Material: Paracord 550, plastic

Rope strength: 250 kg

Weight: 32 g

Colour: Black

Kevlar saw

Rope length: 5 m

Rope thickness: 1.4 mm

Rope material: Kevlar

Rope colour: yellow

Handle material: Metal

Spool material: Wood

Weight: 12 g

Paracord.sale is a team of entrepreneurs. Their product is high quality paracord as well as multifunctional and original articles made of it. In the manufacture they use high quality polyamide yarns which are very similar to those from the USA.


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Color Coyote Brown

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