Casserole 15,8cm, Double enamel, Black

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Besides the use of special low-expansion ceramic designed to withstand extreme temperature changes either hot-cold/cold-hot, add special glazes that comply with health regulations and provide waterproof qualities, thereby preventing fat absorption and thus smoke and odor problems, mixture of flavors.

Cooked a about 1300 degrees, making glazes unmatched resistance to scratching and chipping.

15.8 cm casserole ideal for preparing shrimp scampi.

It can be used directly in the kitchenette Mod Bright Spark BS-100, BS-101 and BS 102 or cookers BST Two or Three Fires Mod Plates 1092,1093,2012 and 2013 and Orbegozo.

Applications: Suitable for use on Ceramic hob, gas stove, oven and microwave.


Color Black.

Diameter 15,8 to 4,5 cm.

Resistant to extreme temperature changes.

Easy to clean (Glazed bottom).

Reinforced (ring base).

Rapid heating.

Prolonged maintenance of the heat.

Glazed Fire special direct use.

Non-porous and without dilataton in high temperature. .

Anti adherent.

Anti spots.

Anti Smoke.

Anti Scratched.


Anti Odor.

Enamel free of lead and cadmium.




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