SteriPEN UV waterpurifier 'Classic 3' - with prefilter

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Very handy UV water purifier with germ-killing, UV light that destroys 99,9999% of all bacteria, 99,99% of all viruses and 99,9% of all protozoa. 1 L water is purified in only 90 seconds without any chemicals. This technique is used for many years on grand scale for water purifying: a UV lamp that is covered by a protection hull of quartz crystal. The LED indicator, the amount of the UV rays as well as the water sensors that activate the UV-lamp contacting water, are controlled by a microprocessor. The lamp can be used for up to 8000 times and it is that easy to use: push the switch twice for 0,5 liter water and once for 1 liter. Then submerge SteriPEN and stir constantly. Use as clear water as possible (prefilter!). SteriPEN is maintenance-free and splash-water protected.

4 x 19 cm, 162 g (mit Batterien)

für den Betrieb mit 4 Lithium Mignon(AA)-Batterien (nicht inklusive)

mit Vorfilter und Etui

Für die 100% Wirkung ist dringend zu beachten: 

- Batteriestand muss ausreichend sein

- Einwirkzeit muss eingehalten werden

- Wasser muss möglichst klar sein (Vorfilter)

- es muss gleichmäßig umgerührt werden

Bitte beachten Sie dazu die Anleitung!




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