SteriPEN Aqua UV Water Disinfector

SteriPEN Aqua UV Water Disinfector

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SteriPEN Aqua is the most effective UV water cleaner ever, enough for up to 3,000 liters of water purification. Perfect for occasional trips and at home for emergency kits. The SteriPEN Aqua is slim and ergonomic with an easily removable lamp cover.

In less than 48 seconds, the SteriPEN eliminates over 99.9 % of the bacteria, viruses and protozoans that transmit diseases through the water. With a UV lamp encased in a sturdy quartz protective cover, these water purifiers are environmentally friendly and designed to be taken anywhere.




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SteriPEN filtercartridge for Prefilter/FitsAll SteriPEN filtercartridge for Prefilter/FitsAll
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Nalgene bottle 'Everyday' wide mouth - 1 L, clear Nalgene bottle 'Everyday' wide mouth - 1 L, clear
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SteriPEN FitsAll Filter SteriPEN FitsAll Filter
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