DD Hammock Quilt

DD Hammock Quilt

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The DD Hammock Quilt is designed to be used alongside an Underblanket for insulation in a hammock.

The idea of using a Quilt instead of a sleeping bag is that it is easier to use a quilt in a hammock as opposed to trying to get into a sleeping bag once inside your hammock (which isn't always the easiest thing to do, as some of you will know)! 

*We do also have our own 'hammock sleeping bags' - the Jura 2 - which are designed to be hammock friendly with central zips and waterproof foot box. Neither is better or worse than the other - it really comes down to personal preference with some people preferring a sleeping bag and others a top quilt.

The design:

The design of the DD Hammock Quilt allows you to close off the foot end with press studs running from the bottom up to around your knees and a draw cord at the very bottom to bring it together - this allows you to slide your feet in, and once in the quilt it should stay in place over the course of the night.

The neck end of the quilt is wider to fit round your torso and also has a couple of press studs. These press studs allow the quilt to fit snugly around your neck and again help keep it in place as you move during the night. Another draw cord at the neck end allows you to close the air gap and keep warm air inside.

How to use:

Very simply - close the press studs (at top and bottom) together and pull draw cord tight at bottom. Put your head through the hole at the top (wider end) so the quilt sits around your neck. Sit down in your hammock, swing your feet into the hammock and then into the foot end of your quilt and lie back ready for a good nights sleep! You can also adjust the draw cord at your end for a snug fit.

Temperature rating:

As this quilt was made and tested during the warmer half of the year we haven't yet tested it to its extreme but we expect to give it a comfortable use rating of 0 °C or 32 °F when used with an underblanket.  We hope to get a chance to test it in some proper winter weather soon!

Insulation is 200gsm synthetic silk.


  • Size: Comfy for people up to 6ft 5ins
  • Colour: Olive Green
  • Weight: 875g
  • Includes: Compression Sack





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