Vargo 'Decagon' Titan alcohol stove

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Vargo 'Decagon' Titan alcohol stove

The Decagon Stove is built to withstand the abuse of being used everyday while backpacking or traveling for extended periods.    There are no movable parts and its titanium construction make the stove dependable and durable.   The large center hole makes filling and lighting the stove a snap.  Weighing only 1.2 ounces with a burn time of 15 minutes, the stove is ideal for single entrée meals.

Once primed, simply place your pot directly on top of the stove covering the filling hole.    The bottom "stability plate" keeps the stove stable and prevents your pot from tipping. 

*Always be sure to fill the Decagon stove just above the top of the center hole.  If filling less than full the flame will not reach maximum output.

*A windscreen is recommended for optimal performance.

  • Weight: 1.2 oz.
  • Burn Time: 20 Minutes
  • Bottom stability plate = 4.25 inches diameter
  • Height = 1.25 inches
  • Main canister = 2.25 inches diameter 


  • Never burn this stove indoors.
  • Only use denatured alcohol as fuel.    Using white gas or other fuels will cause explosion and possible injury.
  • Be sure flame is fully extinguished before re-fueling.





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