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Fire needs three things to exist: fuel, heat, and oxygen. Most fire starters only provide enough heat to ignite tinder and nothing else. The Ultimate Fire Starter™ will help you ignite any tinder source AND stoke that fire into a full on blaze, even with wet wood.

The 'Ultimate Fire Starter' provides everything you need to start a roaring fire except the fuel. Simply unscrew the ferrocerium rod from the bellows and use the integrated scraper to ignite any tinder. Then, extend the bellows and gently blow to nurture that spark into a flame. Or use it anytime to help increase the heat of your fire. Great for getting stubborn or wet fuel to burn, too.


Sturdy stainless steel construction for rugged use

Extendable bellows keep you safely from the fire while pinpointing airflow for faster results

Integrated ferrocerium rod is good for 1000s of strikes and produces 5,000°F (2,760°C) sparks to ignite most tinders

Attached ferrocerium striker helps direct sparks onto tinder

Convenient carrying clip for easy access wherever you store it


Weight: 1.8 ounces (53 grams)

Length extended: 18.2 inches (464 mm)

Length collapsed: 5.9 inches (152 mm)

Patent Pending 29/267,283




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