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Don't let anything come between you and a fresh cup of pure coffee. The Vargo Titanium Travel Coffee Filter is a solo pour-over coffee maker that easily fits and nests with your favorite mug. Made from pure titanium, it's reusable, eco-friendly, and biocompatible so that the only thing you taste is delicious hot coffee in your cup whether at home or on the trail.


100% biocompatible titanium won't leach chemicals, corrode, or impart any flavors for absolutely pure tasting coffee
Double mesh construction offers strength and fine filtering
Reusable and eco-friendly - no plastic cups or paper filters to waste
Sturdy talon-style folding legs fit and nest with a wide variety of mugs
Easy to clean and maintain for many years of use
Folding handle for easy lifting without burning fingers
Compact size and included mesh bag for easy storage

Medidas: 87 x 71 mm.
Peso: 36 g.
Material: Titanio.
Patent Pending #: 29/637,501
Ref T-474




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