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Your best friend for starting a fire in any weather.
The original magnesium fire starter is tough, durable and fit for purpose. Developed for the military, it meets the highest standards. 3,000 strokes at 3,000 degrees make fire starting possible in any weather and at any altitude. Get the technique, the fire, the heat and the food. Ergonomic design and built-in whistle, nothing but the best.

Material features:

Spark resistant magnesium alloy. Durable nylon cord. BIO plastic handles. Stainless steel scraper.

Sustainable features:
A low-waste way to secure fire, time and time again.
First developed for the Swedish Department of Defence, the legendary Swedish FireSteel fire starter is the original magnesium alloy fire starter. The Swedish FireSteel fire starter offered the first viable solution to the challenges of fire starting at high altitudes and low temperatures. Thanks to its ability to directly ignite flammable gases or liquids, the Swedish FireSteel fire starter is perfect for traditional alcohol and modern gas cookers. This has led to its adoption by numerous military units around the world. Manufactured in Sweden by Light My Fire, the fire starter has evolved with design enhancements including a precision stainless steel firing pin, ergonomic handle and a built-in emergency whistle.

How it works:
The Swedish FireSteel fire starter consists of two basic parts: the rod and the firing pin. The rod is made of a high quality pyrophoric alloy containing metals such as iron, magnesium, lanthanum and cerium. The firing pin is made of stainless steel and has a precise cutting edge developed to provide maximum spark. As the firing pin scrapes against the rod, the friction ignites small metal shavings, converting them into oxides and generating bright sparks at high temperature. The notable difference between the Swedish FireSteel fire starter and similar friction-based fire starters, often referred to as ferrocerium rods, is the alloy's proprietary hardening process, which produces a high-quality material that achieves durability without sacrificing consistency.

How to start a fire with LIGHT MY FIRE
Collect small sticks, bark and other firewood. The smaller the better, as they will be easier to light.
2. Place them in a small pile.
3. Take out your Swedish FireSteel or Swedish FireKnife, with a built-in FireSteel.
4. Use paper, birch bark or, ideally, get out your TinderSticks or Tinder-on-a-rope, made from cultivated Honduran pine, scrape off some shavings and place them among the kindling. With 80% resin, it's the optimum kindling fuel that will burn extremely hot and slow - and can also withstand moisture and water.
5. Light the fire carefully, first with small sticks and then gradually increase their size. Make sure the fire has enough oxygen and be patient.

Advantages and applications:
The main advantage of a Swedish FireSteel fire starter over other fire starting tools is reliability in any situation. The Swedish FireSteel fire starter is robust and does not require flints, lighter fluid, batteries or spare parts.
A Swedish FireSteel fire starter will work in harsh conditions, such as extreme cold, where the gas does not vaporise easily, making ignition difficult. It also offers predictable performance at any altitude, unlike a butane igniter, which is affected by both humidity and reduced oxygen at altitude. The spark from the Swedish FireSteel lighter is bright enough to be used as an emergency signal. The striker and rod are attached with a lanyard to prevent accidental detachment and are compact enough to fit in a pocket.

Available in slatyblue and rockyred.


Measures: 77x25x15 mm
Works in wet and windy conditions
Durable, up to 3 000 strokes
Built-in emergency whistle
Suitable for travel
Easy grip design
Bio-based plastic
Made in Sweden
Weight 38 g







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