Ortlieb waterbag - 2 L, blue

Ortlieb waterbag - 2 L, blue

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The lightweight alternative to plastic or aluminium bottles. The compact Water Bag features straps for fixing to the backpack, and is made of tear-resistant and watertight fabric. Food grade coating on the inside ensures safe transport of your water. The 4 and 10 liter versions can be easily fixed to branches or vehicles thanks to the two handles being provided with buckles.
+ Camping shower
+ Seat or head pillow
+ Weight for paragliding
+ Buoyancy means for diving
+ Can be combined with outdoor filters for water purification
+ Can be combined with the drinking tube for use as a hydration system
All water containers are suited for water only (max. temperature 60°C/140°F). Do not use for alcoholic, sweet or acid liquids. Do not expose drinking water too long to the heat. Change water regularly. Store dry and open. Clean inside with denture cleaning tablets. Clean outside with warm water, brush and neutral soap. Clean the valve regularly.

height:11.8 in 
width:7.9 in 
weight:2.8 oz 
volume:122 in³ 
dezimal / imperial
fabric:PS17L blue art.-nr:N45 




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