Pocket hammock - 2,2 m with security weave

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Pocket hammock - 2,2 m with security weave
Small, simple hammock with the Relags security weave woven through to the suspension points. Its measurements do not make it entirely suitable for spending the night on. With its sensible price and small pack size makes it popular for all sort of possible - and impossible - activities. Garden hammock, a short siesta, luggage net and even fish have known to be caught in one (sailor's yarn?). The hammock is specially made for us in an extra length of 220 cm and with a special weave. 
CARE! Hammocks are NOT toys. In no circumstance leave children alone in a hammock! 

BasicNature Pocket hammock - 2,2 m with security weave Item Nr.: 051900

100 % Nylon
size 2,2 x 0,8 m
length 2,2 m
weight 250 g
carrying capacity 80 kg
packing dimensions 13 x 8 x 8 cm





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