Sparkie™ Firestarter 20-902-0003-001 (Orange, Blister Pack)

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The Sparkie Firestarter features a lightweight design that can be operated with one hand to start your fire in even the most adverse conditions.

Unique, patented one-hand operation for convenient fire-starting in all conditions

Retractable flint-based bar and built-in carbide striker will light over a hundred fires

Designed for precision--sparks can be directionally targeted

Ultra lightweight, compact high-strength plastic with rubberized grip handle and hole for lanyard

Generates sparks three times hotter than the heat of a match Ignites a wide range of tinder -- including UST WetFire

Part Number:

20-902-0003-001 (Orange, Blister Pack) 


Dimensions: 58 x 51 x 13mm(closed unit)

Weight: 22.7 g







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