DrinkPure water filter

DrinkPure water filter

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DrinkPure removes bacteria, viruses and bad smells from natural water sources effectively. Swiss engineers have build in a nanotechnology which enables a very good filtration performance and high rate water flow.

This small and light filter can be screwed on every common PET bottle. The water flows throught a pre-filter which intercepts greater particles.

The following active-charcoal fibre mats intercept heavy metals, chemicals and partially smells out of the water. The membrane of DrinkPure than intercepts bacteria. With this filter system up to 99,9999 % of all bacteria and protozoans as well as 99,9% of all viruses are removed out of the water.

The filter is usable everywhere anytime. More than a smooth press onto the PET bottle is not necessary.


300 L dirty pond water or

1000 L chlorinated tap water


150 g



bacteria: 99.9999%, tested with e.coli

virus: 99%, tested with bacteriophage MS2

Ø 12,5 x 5 cm, 150 g

Material: plastics, active charcoal granulate, membrane

Pore size 0,2 micron, for untreated, clear water

output ca. 0,5 L / min (depends on pressure)

For up to 1000 litres max. (depending on the grade of contamination)

A grand syringe for backwashing is included.

A Bottle is NOT included!

Please read the manual carefully



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