Sea to Summit XSet 32 - 8 pan 2.8L Pot 1.3L Ket.

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The ultimate light weight cook set for all your outdoor cooking needs with a pot, kettle and frying pan.

A comprehensive cook system for those interested in a variety of meals while camping. The set includes one orange X-Pan 8”, one grey 2.8L X-Pot, and one lime 1.3L X-Kettle.

Aluminium Alloy 6063 - T6 is a medium strength alloy and is sometimes referred to as an architectural alloy.  Generally used in intricate extrusions it has an excellent surface finish, good corrosion resistance, can be easily welded and is easily anodised.  

It is the perfect alloy for the X-Series pot bases.

The silicone we use in our products has been tested and surpasses the Japanese Food Testing process, which is the most stringent standard available. 

This means that there's no foul taste, no BPA and can withstand considerable heat.

BPA stand for 'bisphenol A'.  Used since the 60's to make plastics and epoxy resins it appeared widely in outdoor products such as water bottles, pots and pans.

Some research shows that BPA can get into food and water through containers and that this can have an effect on your health.  For this reason Sea to Summit has stopped using BPA wherever possible.

X-Pot 2.8L can be secured inside X-Pan 8” by friction fit.

Collapses to 50mm height

Construction: 70% Silicone, 15% Aluminium, 15% Nylon.

Packed Size: 23 diameter x 5 cm.

Weight: 797g.



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