Rapide Impregnation'Tex Waterproof spray on - 300 ml

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This spray-on waterproofing treatment ensures you’re ready for every adventure! 

A water-based impregnating agent for spraying. Makes the outer material of outdoor sportswear water repellent and stain resistant again without affecting breathability (Hardshell, Softshell). It is also perfectly suitable for tents, umbrellas, backpacks, etc. For best efficiency, first do laundry or clean equipment. The product is free of fluorocarbon, silicone and propellant. Substances with a surface effect meet the criteria of being biodegradable. Observe the manufacturers' care instructions.
Tex-waterproof spray-on is a water-based impregnating agent that is sprayed. Restores the water and dirt repellent properties of the outer surfaces of high-tech outdoor clothing textiles (sports), without compromising breathability (hard shell, soft shell). It can also be used for tents, umbrellas, bicycle panniers, backpacks, etc. To ensure good adhesion, clothing must first be washed and all other items properly cleaned.
How to use: shake well before use. First wash your coat with Rapide Techwash or a neutral detergent. Rinse well to make sure all traces of the washing agent have been removed. Items can be sprayed while wet or dry. After spraying, distribute the liquid immediately with a cloth or sponge so that no milky residue remains. (This can produce white stains on clothing). Tumble dry item on low setting or hang to dry. Attention: always follow the washing instructions of the garment manufacturer!
Equipment: sleeping bags and backpacks.
How to use:
1. Spray directly onto a freshly cleaned, damp garment from approximately 10-15 cm away.
2. Remove any excess product with a clean cloth.
3. Allow to dry naturally or follow the drying instructions on your care label.
• 300 ml.
• Recommended for Gore-tex ®, eVent and all types of breathable and waterproof garments.
• Specially formulated to restore the water-repellent finish of all technical fabrics.
• Maximizes breathability.
• Without PFC,
• Effective without heat activation.

• Adds water repellency.








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