Bidon "press to Drink" 600ml

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New container to place on the front of the backpacks and to drink the liquid without removing the bracket. 

With the pipette and the height curve remains can drink without removing the carrier drum, simply by tightening the drum flow is more than sufficient 

Further details of the internode is long and lined to the adjustments as you see fit and not cut if it is too high. 

If you are hanging on the shoulder of the bag, allowed to drink without taking their hands with the drum, just squeezing. System "Press to Drink". 

Another important advantage is that at the aid stations fill quickly. 


• Capacity 600 ml. 90 g. 

• Classic plastic container with small tube and nozzle. The latest version includes a 90 degree turn to get closer to the nozzle if it hangs in front bottle cages. 

• Allows too, if we press the drum, which comes with some pressure, useful both for drinking and for washing your face. 

• closing thread. 

• Free of BPA. 

• Ref RMA806U.141



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