Divide+ 250 LED Flashlight - Coleman

Divide+ 250 LED Flashlight - Coleman

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Including a tough, anodized aluminium body and an impressive 35 hours of continual run time, this bright Divide+ 250 LED Torch incorporates Coleman’s innovative BatteryLock™ system. The batteries in standard electric lights lose battery power over time, even when the light is turned off, because the batteries are still connected to the electronic circuit. With patented, Coleman BatteryLock™ technology and the simply twist of the flashlight head, residual battery drain is no longer a problem!

BatteryLock system stops battery drain to preserve battery life and reduce corrosion
Allows flashlight batteries to be stored for years (up to their inherent shelf life)
Runtime: 1 hour on high, 8 hours on low
Lumens: 250 on high, 25 on low
Beam distance: 160 m on high, 40 m on low



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