Super Ego Portable stove

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  • Type: Butano
  • Thermal flux: 2,5 kW.
  • Consumo: 155 g/h.
  • Thermal efficiency: 55%.
  • Size: 343 x 275 x 82 mm.

(without cartridge and box): 1,86 kg.
1. Read these instructions carefully to familiarize yourself with the appliance before connecting it to the gas cartridge.
2. Keep these instructions for future reference.
3. This appliance works with SUPER-EGO butane cartridge, according to EN417 standards.
4. To be used only in well ventilated locations to benefit from the air supply combustion
(minimum ventilation required 5m3 /h.) and to avoid dangerous building up of unburnt
gases (for appliances not fitted with a flame supervision device).
5. Keep young children away from the appliance.
6. Remove the packed drip pan/pan support from the top of the stove. Turn it over into its ready position with the pan support upwards.
7. Do not use the appliance if it is damaged or has worn seals.
8. Do not modify the appliance.
1. The appliance is also equipped with a safety device, which stops gas flow if the pressure in the cartridge becomes too hig (e.g. because of over heating).
2. The cartridge cannot be inserted if the control knob is not in the Off position or the Drip pan is in the transport position.
3. The appliance is provided with a pressure regulating valve to reduce has pressure in order to prevent flaring.
4. Check that seals (between the appliance end the gas cartridge) are in place and in good
condition before connecting the gas cartridge.
5. Check the seals before connecting a new gas cartridge to the appliance.
6. Change the gas cartridge outside and away from people.
− This appliance works with SUPER-EGO butane gas cartridges, according to EN417 standards.
− Do not use the appliance if it has damaged or has worn seals. Do not use an appliance which is leaking, damaged or which does no operate properly.
− Never place two cookers close to each other.
Do not use any pots or pans which cover the cartridge shaft.
− Never use the cooker without its drip pan/pan supports.
− The appliance must be operated on a horizontal surface.
− After each use, clean any food and especially fat residues from the appliance.
− The appliance shall be used away from flammable materials. Place at least 20 cm.
Away from walls and 100 cm. Away from ceiling when operating the appliance.
− Check that cartridge is empty before replacing it (shake it to hear any noise made by the liquid).
− Butane gas cartridge must be changed in a safe place (e.g. in open air or in a well ventilated location, preferably outside, away from any sources of ignition, such as naked flames, pilots, electric fires and away from other people.
− If there is a leak on your appliance (smell of gas), take or outside immediately (in a well
ventilated and flame free location where the leak may be detected and stopped). If you
wish to check for leaks on your appliance, do it outside.
− Do not try to detect leaks using a flame. Use soapy water.
− Do not make any alterations or attempts to repair the unit by yourself.
− In the event of any alterations, please contact our repair service, or the dealer.
Accessible parts may become very hot.
Keep young children away from the appliance.
A. Take the pan support out of the packaging and place it in the correct position. Please take note of the warning. Sticker!
B. Open the cartridge cover and insert the cartridge with the valve heading front, so that
the notch points upwards and aligns with the valve guide.
C. Then press the cartridge stop lever down.
D. Turn the control knob fully to the left (“PIEZO” position) until the ignition, device clicks.
E. If there is no ignition, repeat this procedure.
F. Adjust the control knob to the required position.




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