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Use only in emergencies or with license! 

The well-known Survival expert Joe Vogel designed this card exclusively for Bushcraft Essentials. The card is ideally suited to hunt amphibians, fish, molluscs, crabs, birds, snakes and small mammals, making it the best way to get high-quality food quickly in emergency situations.

The JV Survival Card benefits from Joe Vogel's extraordinary experience with "primitive hunting", which he has collected on his expeditions on all continents. This makes it a tried-and-tested tool for practical application in actual emergency situations. It offers a wide selection of various hooks and different spear concepts for catching fish, birds, snakes etc.


Measurements: 12 x 7.3 cm / 4.7 x 1.7 inch

Weight: 60g / 2.1 oz.

Special saw for trenches with raker teeth and rounded first tooth.

Sharp blade in chisel grind

Chisel for making fastening holes

5 hooks in 3 different sizes (including 4 double hooks)

3 small single spikes, suitable as hooks or harpoons for small fish and amphibians

3 large angled spikes, for the construction of tridents, eel-spears, etc.

A special hook, support and spear rest for the construction of a spear thrower (Atlatl)

Legend for the schema drawing 

A winding edge - To carry fishing line, Paracord, Dyneema etc.

B Chisel - For drilling fastening holes for the safety pins of K and J

C Saw - With raker teeth and rounded first tooth for sawing with the fiber

D (not applicable)

E Blade - For field dressing animals, carving

F Small Single Spikes - For bending hooks (grind tip on a stone on one side) and as harpoons for amphibians and small fish

G Small Double Hooks - For bending hooks, as double pointed hooks for hunting birds and other animals

H Large Double Hooks – Like G

J Large Single Spikes - for the construction of tridents, eel-spears, etc.

K Sling Hook - To build a spear thrower

L Suspension Line Loop and Hook Bender - For bending the hooks and for attaching a lanyard / suspension line

M Large Hook - For catching heavier animals up to 10 kg

N Spear Rest – To support the spear of a spear thrower

O Spear Rest Support - Support for the spear rest




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