Optimus self-sealing gas cartridge - 100 g

Optimus self-sealing gas cartridge - 100 g

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Premium blend of butane, propane and isobutane to ensure stove performance even when the conditions are a bit brisk.

The canisters are protected against damages with a smart seal that indicates if the canisters are unused or not.

The foldable Optimus Crux gas stove stores neatly in the base of the 230 and 450 g gas canisters.

Gas blend: Butane (50%), Isobutane (25%), Propane (25%).

Weight: 200 g (100 g Cartridge).

Dimensions: 7.5 x ø 9 cm (100 g Cartridge).

Material: Steel.

Material number: UN 2037 (receptacles small containing gas).

Pi-mark: 0029.

Article No.: 8019959 Optimus Gas 100 g.


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