Terra Weekend HE Cook Set 0.95L

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Trail mix for dinner? Not for you! Pair our dependable stoves with the Terra Weekend HE Cook Set to go far beyond nuts and raisins. Made of rugged anodized aluminum like all of our sets, the Terra Weekend HE makes packing it in lighter and cooking it up more fun, now even more so with its new non-stick coating. Pared back in weight to a mere 275 g, the Terra Weekend HE is our lightest set with two cookware pieces. It includes the impressive, fuel-saving heat exchanger (HE = heat exchanger!) that cuts “time to boil” by 20%. Stir, fricassee or fry using the pot with pour spout or tough-as-nails fry pan (doubles as a pot lid). A simple mesh carry bag packs it right and tight, magically finding space inside for our titanium cutlery set and any Optimus gas stove too.

Article number: 8020707
Dimensions (mm)165 × Ø 124
Weight (grams)284g
Volume (liters)0.95l
WarningsNever put empty cookware on a burning stove. This can result in damage to the Heat Exchange and cause fire, burns or severe injury.
Kit includes 0.95 L Heat Exchange saucepan with pouring lip and measuring marks (mL and oz), fry pan that doubles as a lid, Optimus BOB sponge, and mesh storage bag.




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