YouFix Repairtape - 2,5 cm

YouFix Repairtape - 2,5 cm

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The YouFix® original repair tape is one with completely new, constructive and static characteristics. All you need for activation is a little bit of water.

The tape reacts within minutes and creates an enormous stability after it is hardened. It is ideal for repairs of outdoor and sports equipment.

This is why this tape should be within every repair set or rucksack. The application possibilities are various: for tent poles, smaller struts, fishing rods, tool handles, sports equipment, smaller pipes, ruders or items of furniture. Everything is strengthen again. Submerge the tape in water and wrap it around the damaged area. Tauten, spread out and wait for approx. 20 minutes. Finished! Please read the manual carefully.

YouFix Repairtape - 2,5 cm Item Nr.: S

Length: approx. 100 cm, 27 g

Process time 2 - 5 minutes (depends on the humidity and temperature)

Cure time 15 - 20 minutes (depends on the humidity and temperature)

heat-resistant up to + 150°C, resistance to cold down to - 45°C

Water- and weather-proof, grindable and paintable 



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