Fiskars Universal Axe - X7

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The next generation of Fiskars® axes. The best quality and, once again, improved ergonomics and handling.

At the same time the blade geometry has been updated. The perfect balance between axe head and shaft provides efficient and safe chopping and splitting.

The handles of the new models have a new surface structure which absorbs vibration and the pronounced shaft end ensures safe use and enhances the appearance.

The glass-fibre reinforced plastic handles are extremely durable and robust. Blades are precision forged and double hardened.

The universal axes have a 30° blade edge and the splitting axes 30° to 40° and are rounded for easy extraction. Brand new sheaths for blade and personal safety with handle for carrying or hanging up. Perfect!

· Ideal für Campen, Wandern und im Garten
· mit Klingenschutz
· 36 cm
· Kopfgewicht 470 g, gesamt 640 g





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