101 INC Shemagh Green/Black

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The Shemagh provides protection of the face from sun, sand and wind. 
It is also useful in winter to protect the head. 
It can be used as a towel, to wipe off sweat, as a rope, deployed as a tarp for resting, a carrying bag/bag, a bandage for a wounded person or as a sling and many uses as the imagination or necessity requires...

The 101 INC brand is well known in the tactical and airsoft world. 101INC stands for well thought out equipment for both the fanatical airsofter and the passionate adventurer who loves the outdoors. Tactical outdoor gear that meets the adventurous needs of two adrenaline-filled worlds.

Available in Green/Black, Grey/Black, Red/Black, Beige/Black, Sand and in Cream.


Approximate measurements: 110X100 cm.
Colour: Green / Black.
Material: Cotton.
Weight: 150 g

Country of origin Pakistan





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