Acme Tornado T2000-Day Glow Orange

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MARINE & AQUATIC WHISTLESA loud whistle for marine and aquatic environments
ACME water safe whistles are designed to be effective, even after complete immersion. Manufactured using the right materials - rust free, able to stand sub-zero temperatures and tough enough to withstand severe impact, they are more than just a loud whistle - they are reliable and extremely durable, making them the perfect choice for a navy, marine or boatswain whistle. 

Tornado 2000 is the world's loudest whistle.

Its unique design (without 'pea') produces a high frequency tone, which penetrates even very loud background noise and a low frequency pitch which can be heard at great distances.

Unsurpassed and, in the meantime, employed not only by S.O.L.A.S. rescue operations but by all forms of sporting functions eg. the Champions' League (F.I.F.A.). Naturally, waterproof and only 10g light. Signal orange.

5 x 3 x 2,5 cm, 10 g



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