Relags hand warmer 'Charcoal'

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Warmth is produced by the glowing charcoal rods. The rods are ignited (both sides when really cold) and radiate their heat through the container. By violent physical activity ensure that the container cannot open. Resort to the pocket heater when a warm handshake is not enough! The aroma of burning charcoal is not a problem. The containers are lined with glass fibre - NO asbestos! 1 Rod is included.


Measures 13 x 8 x 3 cm. 

Up to 4 hours.




Product Note Status Price
Relags spare charcoal sticks Relags spare charcoal sticks
3.95 € *
Relags waterproof Storm Matches in Box - 20 matches Relags waterproof Storm Matches in Box - 20 matches
3.95 € *
BCB Survival Matches No4 Mk3 BCB Survival Matches No4 Mk3
3.50 € *
091806 091806
3.50 € * Notify on availability
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