BasicNature stainless steel pot 'billy can' - 1,4 L

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The Billy Can originated during the gold rush in Australia. At that time the gold diggers imported cans because the preparation of food was difficult at the mines. These cans served as reusable cooking and storage containers. A popular dish was the French 'bouilli' - which means cooked meat. The pronounciation was difficult and was replaced by Billy. The Billy Can has since become a classic in the outdoor and bushcrafter scene. It is very robust, compact and reliable. Suitable for all kinds of preparation over a campfire or a cooker, such as steaming, cooking, baking, braising or roasting. With the handle attached, the Billy Can can also be hung over the fire, but the plastic clips must be removed. The practical pot insert of the Billy Can can be used as a plate or small pan.

Stainless steel 304

Pack Ø 12,5 H 12 cm

Weight 560 g

Detachable plastic clips




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