Rafilythe Micropur Forte water purification - 100 ml

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Extremely effective biodegradable disinfectant. Combat legionella, germs, viruses, algae and bacteria quickly and effectively. The product is made from mineral salt and water and contains no other harmful substances. Particularly suitable for surface disinfection, skin and hand disinfection, disinfection of process water and the preservation of drinking water. The remedy is from the TrinkwV. §11 approved and certified organic. Therefore, it is safe for humans and animals. Made in Germany.

What makes RAFIlythe® so special?

• High efficacy in eliminating nearly all known microorganisms including bacteria, viruses,fungi and other harmful pathogens – particularly Legionella and Pseudomonas bacteria;

• Safety to people, animals and plants;

• Neutral pH, no toxicity, no irritation potential; not flammable

• Biodegradability, possibility of disposal in wastewater;

• No antimicrobial resistance mechanism (unlike with chlorine);

• Ease of use: no need to use protective gloves and face masks;

• Fast and reliable removal of biofilm (biological membranes);

• Approved for use in food contact applications;

• Excellent for drinking water conservation.

Rafilythe Micropur Forte water purification - 100 mlItem 

30 ml for 10 L of water

pH neutral, non-toxic, non-irritating

can be disposed of in wastewater, food safe

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