CarePlus® Anti-Insect Deet Spray 50% - 60 ml

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For users who need compact products, Care Plus® has developed the Anti-Insect Spray 50% Deet (8ml). This Mini Spray is ideal for day trips and fits perfectly in your pocket or purse. Contains the same ingredients as the Care Plus® Deet 40% variant and is extremely effective.

One spray is sufficient for 2 to 3 weeks daily use in accordance with the prescription. It is important that the consumer understands that these Anti-Insect products must be applied on all exposed skin.

Substance: Spray

Dimensions (l x w x h): 40x40x121mm

Weight: 80 grams

Content: 60 ml

Duration: up to 10 hours

CarePlus® Anti-Insect Deet Spray 50% - 60 ml

Protects skin up to 8 h against Moskitios, Ticks and other biting insects

suitable for children from age 6

Repellent use safe

Always, please, read label and instruction




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