NiteCore LED 'Sens AA'

NiteCore LED 'Sens AA'

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Mini LED lamp with enormous power and technique. Soft turn-on mode. The lighting mode adjusts itself by a position sensor. Lowered lamp: mode 'LOW', at 45° inclination mode 'MID' and in horizontal position, the lamp adjusts itself to mode 'HIGH'. If the lamp is raised when switching, ADT ('Active Dimming Technology') is activated and the lamp regulates automatically the three lighting modes - depending on the position (see above). This leads to an energy management that extends burning time enormously. 8 cm of high technology and lots of light. The housing is made ¿¿of anodized HAIII aluminium like used in aviation. With spare O-rings.
 Cree XP-G R5
· High (120 Lumen) 2 h, Mid (20 Lumen) 12 h, Low (6 Lumen) 60 h Brenndauer
· Ø 1,98 x 8,1 cm, 26 g (ohne Batt.)
· Batterie 1 x Mignonzelle (AA, enthalten) od. 1 x Mignon Akku od. 1 x Lithium Batterie 1,5V od. 1 x 14500 Li-Ion Akku od. 1 x LiFePO4 Batterie
· IPX 8 spritzwassergeschützt (bis 2 Meter)


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NiteCore 14500 USB Li-Ion Accu NL1475R NiteCore 14500 USB Li-Ion Accu NL1475R
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