Nalgene 'Everyday OTF' bottle - 0,7 L, Green

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Back in 2005 we launched the OTG (On the Go Bottle). Our customers had demanded, yes demanded, that we make a hard sided bike bottle. We countered by saying, "But, you can't squeeze a hard bottle". The customers said that it was our job to figure it out.

So our Engineers were given the task of developing a bottle that was made from a material that would not taste funny, that would fit in bike bottle cages, and would be easy to open with one hand. The OTG did all those things and was a big hit. But our customers challenged us again. They loved the profile of the OTG but they wanted a bottle that could be leakproof. So our engineers went back to the drawing board and this is what they came up with. The On The Fly bottle.

It is the eveloution of the OTG. Still fits in your cup holder, your bottle cage. Our BPA free Tritan material lets you taste what is in your bottle. And now with the locking bale the bottle is leakproof.

Technical Specs:    

Approx 9 1/2 inches tall

Weight 136 grams

Dishwasher safe

Compostable EarthFirst® bottle “shrink sleeve” packaging is made from renewable plant resources

Cap is made in China the bottle is made in USA

Push button opens closure

The OTF cap will fit on some other wide mouth bottles.        


Leakproof closure

Fits in cup holders

Fits in bike cages

One handed operation

BPA Free



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