Pyramid Pop Up Dome White


Pyramid Pop Up Dome White

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Ridiculously easy to use – just remove from carry bag and up it pops – this dome net is freestanding, so requires no fixing or hanging. Ideal for campers and backpackers, it folds into a small circular shape for easy packing and carrying. Use on a single bed, mattress, sleeping bag or outdoors.

Handy carry bag included. 

Zi Technology Fabric Impregnation provides protection for up to 2 years or 35 washes. Re-treat every 2 years with Pyramid Net Treatment. 

Made with the best quality 100% polyester fabric. 300 hole mesh, double the recommended WHO standard. Impregnated using Zi Technology Fabric Impregnation, using long lasting Permethrin with a unique binding agent. 


To set up the Pop Up Dome Net: 

Remove the net carefully from the bag, release the struts on the dome section and place over your head and shoulders. Tuck the excess skirt under your mattress, sleeping bag or groundsheet to ensure all round contact and a tight fit. The fabric tabs can be used to peg down the net if used outside. 

To take down the Pop Up Dome Net:

Lie the net flat on a bed or floor with the struts lying together. Take hold of top point of the struts and the base, twist in opposite directions to form a circle. Gather up the excess fabric and place back inside the carry bag. When not in use store the net inside the plastic bag provided to prolong the effectiveness of the Permethrin Impregnation.


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