Transport Bag for Rocket Stove rf33

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The bag with its reinforced walls and base offers a safe solution for the transport of the Rocket Stove rf33. The sturdy padded Ripstop fabric with an embroidered Petromax logo brings additional stability.

Both handles as well as the removable shoulder strap are particularly reinforced and provide great wearing comfort.

Accessories can be put in mesh pockets inside the lid or in the outer pockets with hook-and-loop fasteners. 

Technical data

Material: nylon

Colour: black

L x W x H w/ packaging (in cm): 8 x 27 x 32

Weight (in g): 980

Weight with packaging (in g): 1000

Scope of delivery

1 x Transport Bag for Rocket Stove rf33



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Rocket Stove rf33 Rocket Stove rf33
134.95 € *
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24.95 € *
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2.05 € *

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