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The Petromax Care and Seasoning Conditioner for Dutch Ovens, which is a blend of natural ingredients, is a great way to protect surfaces of Dutch ovens (in particular Petromax Dutch ovens) and other cast iron cookware products. With this care conditioner you can renew the seasoning of your Dutch oven as well as you can season new cast iron cookware for the first time.  The conditioner is most effective, if it is applied after every cooking procedure because it maintains the pre-seasoned surface of Petromax Dutch Ovens, which provides a non-stick surface for cooking.


Only natural ingredients, food sale, paraffinum subliquidum Ph. Eur., virgin oil, trigly-ceride oil, base oil mixture of lonic colouring, fluid and weight food additives.

Store tightly closed in a cool, dark place.

250 ml.




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Item-No.: 33620C Frying Pan, Cast Iron, handle, diameter ca. 26 cm Item-No.: 33620C Frying Pan, Cast Iron, handle, diameter ca. 26 cm
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