Petromax Firepipe FRH100 Fire Starter

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The Petromax Fire Blow Pipe assists for the targeted sparking of fire: With pure power of breath the embers are effectively blown. The classic Bouffadou consists of high-grade stainless-steel and, thanks to the telescopic function, can be extended to a maximum operating length of 98 cm. Thus, the distance to the fire is individually adjustable and burns or inhalation of smoke can be avoided.
Pushed together to 60 cm, the Petromax Fire Blow Pipe is ready for space-saving stowage inside the backpack. The specially tuned stainless-steel nozzle serves for pinpoint oxygen supply towards the fireplace. Handle and mouthpiece are made of natural beech wood. In addition, the dragon logo of the traditional brand Petromax provides the Fire Blow Pipe with a high-quality look.
Weight 375 g
Material stainless steel and beech wood
Transport length 60 cm
Working length (max.) 98 cm



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