Esbit tablet cookset CS585NS

Esbit tablet cookset CS585NS

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When weight is important, this cookset is the right choice. Weighing around 200g only, made of hard, anodized aluminum, this cookset can easily be fired using Esbit solid fuel tablets.The pot holds about 585 ml. Supplied with both lid and stand, which can be stored in the pot to save space. The pot has a capacity indicator in litre and oz, the stainless steel handles can be folded to save space. Comes with a convenient meshbag.
CS585NS at a glance:Made of extremely light, hard anodized aluminum
Pot with multilayer non-stick coating
Compact cookset with a very small pack size
Ideal for short trips for cooking water (e.g. for beverages or convenience food) and for heating up dishes and beveragesThe pot has a capacity indicator in ml and oz
With folding handlesWith convenient meshbagIncluding lid and stand
NEW: Practical hanger for lid
The idea behind CS585NS
Our historic solid fuel cookset with stand and pot inspired us to create this set. We felt that the time was ripe for a new cookset for solid fuel, which also had to include a pot, of course. And the format of the pot needed to be ideal for using Esbit solid fuel tablets. Perfect for boiling water, for bringing water to the boil for drinks or ready meals and for heating up meals and drinks. We also attached considerable importance to small pack dimensions in developing this cookset. That’s why even the stand, for example, can be stored in the pot.
As our solid fuel cookset CS585HA this cookset also has another advantage up its sleeve: a hook on the base of the lid so that the lid can easily be suspended from the edge of the pot.
CS585NS Dimensions and weight:
Size packed: ~ W 111 x H 86 mm
Weight: ~ 197 g
Capacity: ~ 585 ml




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