BCB CK528 Personal Safety Kit

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A handy pocket sizes pouch with belt tunnel loop, containing basic medical kit. Excellent for hikers who want to travel fast and light.

A classic BCB Product,, This compact, pocket sized, survival kit with all the bare necessities.

Box Contains:

Supplied in a NEW bright green durable plastic box:

– Single edge blade NEW

– Nylon cord

– Candle NEW

– Pencil NEW

– Sewing Kit NEW

– Gold Wire NEW

– Fishing Kit

– Wiresaw NEW

– Whistle

– Flint & Striker NEW

– Safety Pins

– Cable ties NEW

– LED Micro Torch NEW

– Survival Instructions

These kits will no longer contain: Button compass, matches, plasters or purification tablets

Product Dimensions: 10 x 6 x 4 cm 

Boxed-product Weight: 130 g






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