Crusader Cooking System MK II (6 Piece Set) Multicam pouch BCB CN014A

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The "Dragon" Crusader Cooker MK2 (aluminium)

Originally designed to meet the changing requirements of the future combat solider.

The original cherished Crusader system just got a whole lot better. Made from high grade aluminium and hard anodised,, it is; Lighter – Larger – With a Quicker cooking time Boil time is reduced for 500ml of water with an MRE retort ration to approximately 5.5mins using the fantastic Fire Dragon fuel.

This cooking system is perfect for the Outdoor adventurer

Only available hard anodised as it gives an easy to clean finished. Packed inside Pouch.

1 x Pouch - Black (Code CN014B) or Multi Cam (Code CN014A) 1 x NATO Canteen & Mug (Osprey) 1 x BCB Flint & Striker, 1 x Crusader Cooker II, 1 x Crusader Cup II,

Lightweight Larger cup Quicker boiling time




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FireDragon Fuel Pouches in 200ml CN348A FireDragon Fuel Pouches in 200ml CN348A
3.75 € *

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Fire Dragon Green&Clean Solid Fuel 6X27g CN346 Fire Dragon Green&Clean Solid Fuel 6X27g CN346
2.65 € *

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