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Whole Egg Powder 150 g

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Dehydrated egg powder, in food-grade polyethylene container.
It is used by mixing the powdered egg with water in a 1: 3 ratio (one part of egg, three of water).
The powder is added to the water and then homogenized. Depending on the application procedure, the powder can be reconstituted with water or another liquid ingredient, or dry mixed with other ingredients.

Applications: Bakery products, Pasta, cooked dishes, mayonnaise Mixes for formulations, salted foods, various industries.
Keep in a dry and cool place. Optimum temperature: 15-20 ºC

  • Quantity: 150 grms. (equivalent to about 12 or 13 eggs)
  • Raw material: Chicken egg.
  • Appearance: own.
  • Color: slightly yellow
  • Smell: own egg.
  • Taste: own egg.
  • Texture: fine powder.



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