For at least a couple of thousand years humans have explored and lived in and around the Grand Canyon – a 446 km long, 1,6 km deep and up to 29 km wide canyon centered around the Colorado River.

This overwhelming landscape possesses at the same time a stunning beauty and a deadly ruggedness, that demands respect and foresight. The distances are extreme, the rocks are coarse and the sun is as relentless as the nights are cold. In this wild place you truly need to trust yourself and your equipment, and that is the reason why we have named our series of family outdoor equipment after the Grand Canyon.

From the majestic mountains and the deep gorges of the Grand Canyon we have found the inspiration for a series of outdoor equipment for the demanding user, where performance and comfort goes hand in hand.

No matter whether you hike the gorge or camp at one of the rims, the Grand Canyon series provide you with the necessary protection combined with comfort and a lot of practical details. Explore and enjoy the freedom of being outside and feel the spirit of nature, but with comfort.

Grand Canyon is Adventure Family Camping at it’s best.

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TOPEKA 3 Grand Canyon Tent green
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Cuddle Blanket 150 Green Grand Canyon Kids Sleeping bag
Old price 39.95 €
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Alu Camping Bed Extra Strong M
Old price 85.95 €
65.95 *
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Grand Canyon air bed 'Box' - Single 305025
Old price 49.90 €
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Grand Canyon sleepingbag 'Whistler 195' - stone/sand 301002L
Old price 29.95 €
19.95 *
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